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Waxing Services


Williamsville's Waxing Professionals.

Waxing is the preferred method of superfluous hair removal for many women and men. By removing hair at the root, from beneath the skin’s surface, waxing allows the skin to be hair-free and smooth for weeks at a time. Using only soft wax, designed for the most sensitive skin, we provide you with comfortable, smooth, precise hair removal each time you visit. Our featured wax specialists are Gina Pia & Tierney Manke.


Tinting Services

by Lash Intensives

Eyebrow Tint/ $20

Eyelash Tint/ $20

Bikini Waxing Services

Basic Bikini / $42

Brazilian / $65

Australian/ $75

Facial Waxing

Brows / $21

Brow Trim/ $10

Uni-brow/ $12

Brow Tweeze/ $25

Lip/ $16

Chin/ $16

Sides/ $16

Full Face/ $69

Body Waxing

Neck/ $15

Feet/Toes/ $15

Hands/Fingers/ $15

Underarm/ $25

Full Arm/ $45

Half Arm/ $35

Full Leg/ $75

Half Leg/ $45

Buttocks/ $32

Lower Back/ $22

Women's Stomach/ $35

Women's Stomach Strip/ $14

Men's Waxing Services

Back/ $65

Chest/ $42

Ears/ $22

Shoulders/ $25


the Art of the eyeBrow arch..Manicured eyebrows create a clean, definitive frame for the eyes and can make a dramatic difference in your look and overall expression. Leave it to one of our professionals to find the arch that’s right for you!

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