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One-Step Weft extensions will give a full voluminous look your clients will love. One Step Weft extensions are a go-to-choice for clients with medium to thick hair.


Hair type:

100% Human Remy Hair


Heat styling:

Less is more! Heat up to 350°F to keep hair healthy


Recommended amount:

*Each One-Step Weft package contains 5 wefts

10 One-Step Wefts for full-head application (2 packs)



Lasts 4-6 weeks (Reuse up to 2 times)

Consultation is free, however, there will be a $20 invoice charge for no call and no-show appointments as we take the time out of our day specifically for consultations. Thank You!


Full Head Installation | $250

(2hrs 30 minutes)

Half Head Installation | $175

(90 minutes)

Maintenance | $150

4-6 week move up. This does not include taking out and adding new wefts. Please come in with clean, dry hair.


Removal | $120

(90 minutes)

Pricing above does not include hair purchase. Hair must be purchased at time of consultation. Hair is non-refundable.

One Step Weft

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