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Thinning Hair, Bald Spots, Alopecia, Transplant or any other scars?
Both Men and Women CAN benefit from SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation is an advanced non-surgical procedure, where cosmetic organic hypoallergenic pigments are used to
create the idea of a fuller head of hair. The needles used are state of the art and ultra-thin, mimicking real hair stubbles.
The pigments are applied on the outer layers of the skin, unlike regular tattoo ink which are placed much deeper.

Save time every morning getting ready! Free Consultations by appointment - Financing available, APPLY ONLINE!


Treatment cost varies per individual but start at $2800 (most people fit this category). 
Pricing depends on the level of density and procedure time needed.   
Treatment is done in 3 sessions spaced 1 week to 10 days apart.  
Separate pricing for scars or spot only alopecia per individual case.
$150 non-refundable deposit required when booking 1st session.

 Remainder of treatment cost due at time of first session, financing available, apply online now!  

Features of Scalp Micropigmentation
• Suitable for both men and women with all stages of pattern baldness. 
• Perfect for men/women who want a high-density shaven look or to fill in thinning hair. 
• Ideal for those who have insufficient donor region
to achieve a good hair transplant result.
• Increase the optical density of a hair transplant or 
thinning hair by 50% without surgery.
• Fast end result.
• Avoid expensive monthly hair restoration treatments.
• No need to wear a hairpiece of any kind.
• Get rid of camouflage products used on a daily basis
that tend to run, smear and don’t last all day!
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